This Old House

What’s New is Old Again | S35, E26


Here’s a synopsis from the final episode: As work winds down and winter winds up, Kevin and Roger assess the exterior transformation. Erik Kaminski and Kevin build a custom closet from off-the-shelf piping. Norm and Tommy walk through the mudroom … Continued

A Race to the Punch List | S35, E25


Here is a synopsis from this episode: Erik Kaminski finishes the staircase with a maple newel post. Kevin works with landscape architect Kim Turner to connect a reproduction antique light fixture to a granite lamppost. Richard shows the systems for … Continued

House Requires Some Assembly | S35, E24


Here is a synopsis from this episode: Erik takes delivery of the kitchen cabinets, and Kevin assists with installation. They head outside to start work on the driveway. In the backyard, landscape architect Kim Turner shows Roger how she’s installing … Continued

Making New Look Old | S35, E23


Here is a synopsis from this episode: General contractor Erik Kaminski shows Kevin how he installs clapboard siding. Roger, landscape architect Kim Turner, and homeowner Bill select salvaged granite for the yard. Richard and Erik discuss the insulation plan for … Continued

400 Years of Home Technology | S35, E22


  Here is a synopsis from this episode: Drilling begins on a geothermal system that will reduce the Harbs’ energy bill by almost 50-percent. Norm tours local first-period homes with housewright Matt Diana. Kevin travels to the Vermont factory to … Continued

Up on the Roof | S35, E21


Here is a synopsis from this episode: Erik lays red cedar shingles on the roof. Kevin visits a reproduction first-period colonial home a few miles away to find out how houses were roofed 400 years ago. Up in Rupert, Vermont, … Continued

North Shore Framezilla | S35, E20


Here is a synopsis from this episode: With framing in full force, general contractor Erik Kaminski walks Tommy through the first floor to show him how the house is coming together. Kevin meets homeowner April and interior designer Kristina Crestin … Continued

Truck In The New House | S35, E19


  Here is a synopsis from this episode: An inspector arrives to approve the new foundation. Kevin sees how Erik Kaminski installs the perimeter drain, which will keep groundwater away from the house. The first shipment of precut framing lumber … Continued

The North Shore is a Blast | S35, E18


  Here is a synopsis of episode two: Tommy and Kevin visit the Vermont factory where the house will be built, as general contractor Erik Kaminski watches the first shipment of framing parts leave. Richard meets Ed Akerley, who drills … Continued

A New Project Begins | S35, E17


Here is a synopsis of episode one: This episode follows homeowners Bill and April Harb as they begin building their dream home on a plot of raw land. The traditional farmhouse will look like it’s been there for 200 years, … Continued