Open House – Salem, NY – June 2016


Saturday, June 25, 2016 was another great day among Connor Home employees, clients and followers. More than 35 guests joined us in Salem, New York at R.S. Taylor and Sons Brewery and Farm where they were greeted by homeowner, Kelley and her son Owen, as well as the builder, Bill Jameson, of Jameson Building and Remodeling. Attendees were able to spend the afternoon milling around the property, asking questions and seeing first-hand the level of quality incorporated into our homes. We had guests that travelled from as far away as Virginia and Western New York to view this unique and innovative homestead, and not one person left disappointed. Each guest was able to tour the main house and the attached brewery. A few lucky clients were able to tour the Brad Standish cape style home also on the property.  The day felt like a huge celebration!

After purchasing and clearing the land a few years ago, the homeowners decided to build a home of roughly 2,000 square feet. Rich and Kelley originally worked with the Annaline Syrus house plan, and customized the design to make it their own. An attached Connecticut River Barn operates as the microbrewery, which the Taylor’s run as their family business. The barn space includes a revised second floor that is home to the kitchen which offers homemade sandwiches, burgers and pizza a few evenings a week. The cozy family-style seating area for patrons is a great place to share a meal and a freshly brewed ale.

Kelley shared that she gets a kick out of how often guests at the brewery ask her, “When did you renovate your home?” She politely tells them that the house is new and then debates with the people who do not believe her.

Bill Jameson, the project’s custom builder, has an extensive background in historic preservation. His craftsmanship is evident not only on this house and barn, but also in the custom slate roof. A slate roof is very common on historic homes in this area and the homeowners wanted to incorporate local materials and historic methods into their home wherever possible. Keeping with tradition, the clients took the design several steps into the past, utilizing a second color to incorporate the year the house was built into the roof slates. You can see additional details brought into the scope of the project, working in collaboration with our design staff and the builder, in the copper ridgeline and flashing visible in some of the pictures below.

As the Taylors look to grow their microbrew business, they are already thinking about an additional barn for the microbrewery, and someday, maybe even a barn for weddings and events.

Many thanks to the Taylor Family for their generous hospitality in opening their home(s) to many grateful Connor Homes fans!

Click here for photos of the entire project!

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