Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The New Old Home

The New Old Home concept is to capture the essence of historic architecture in a new home with today’s practical layouts and modern amenities. The New Old Home combines yesterday’s architectural charm and warmth with today’s technological advances and conveniences. Over many years of research and development, our company has studied the best, smartest and most efficient ways to produce sophisticated, authentic historic architectural details by blending classical architectural principles, superb craftsmanship, and cutting edge technology. The result is a return to fine architectural detail incorporating scale and proportional concepts revered through centuries of homebuilding excellence.

Entryway wooden pediment

component wood panels in the shop

Component Building

Pre-engineering and component building is what makes it possible to build a house with efficiency and precision, and then ship it anywhere for final construction. In addition to pre-cutting some components, we also preassemble sections of wall that can easily be erected on site. We cut and preassemble many of the important architectural elements such as entrances, cornices, returns, and rake overhangs. Some parts of the building process, however, are still best done at the site. Roofing, siding, installation of doors and windows and certain trims and mouldings are all materials supplied by Connor Homes but best applied at the building location.

The Advantages Of A Connor Home

farmhouse at sunset

Architectural Integrity

We emphasize proper scale, proportion, and historical influence.

cupola in shop

Shop-Built Components

Built with precision on high quality shop equipment by skilled craftsmen working in a controlled environment.

interior millwork

Quality Materials

Our high standards for material selection ensure your home will be built as it is designed and will last for generations.

vermont barn residence

Time & Cost Savings

Our in-house design staff, automated components, and on-site capabilities reduce waste and expedite the construction process.

Historic Vernaculars

At Connor Homes we build New Old Homes that cross a wide spectrum of historic vernaculars, from Capes and Georgian Colonials of the early eighteenth century, Federal style from the latter eighteenth century, Greek Revival from the mid nineteenth century, Shingle and bungalow style from late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, and Colonial Revival from that same time period. The common thread for all these vernaculars is a firm foothold in classical architecture. We design our homes with an understanding of the need for a modern floor plan and amenities, and we often design to regional variations that dictate a different or interesting twist while adhering to the principles that define the various vernaculars.

custom wood cornice

Inside Connor Homes shop

Cutting-Edge Technology

The manufacturing of our homes is done on a vast array of precision machinery not available to the site-built home. Much of this machinery is computer driven using sophisticated design software, with code language written specifically for the fine historic detailing that defines our homes. It is an interesting irony that the centuries old architectural detailing once drawn by hand by the famous architects of past centuries is now drawn in CAD software and then sent to CNC machinery in our shop to accomplish in minutes what used to take hours or even days. The combination of historic detailing with high tech software and machinery makes it possible to exactly replicate revered architectural forms so that these elements can be viable and affordable once again.

LEED building

Environmental Stewardship

Our company continually weighs the environmental impact of the materials we use and the methods we use for production to assess and mitigate their environmental impact. Our factory production creates far less waste material than is found in site-built construction. This not only saves material from the landfill, but results in lower construction costs. We also design our homes using materials, doors, windows etc. that enable the home owner to qualify for energy star rated programs and LEED Certification in their local areas. We consider orientation and site development for each home to properly assess the impact of local elements including solar advantages in our designs.

Sustainability of resources is an important piece of the Green Building philosophy at Connor Homes. It is our sincere belief that durability that allows a home to sustain itself on the landscape is one of the best ways to achieve a positive impact on the environment. Many of today’s new homes are built using structural components made from building products that have less than a fifty year life expectancy. Our homes use only structural components that we know have withstood the test of time, so that our homes, given normal routine maintenance, will last indefinitely, and will not have to be rebuilt in fifty years or less, but remain on the landscape for many generations.

As part of our ongoing commitment to Green Building, Connor Homes continually examines and tests new building materials, equipment, procedures, and designs so that our customers can be assured that their new home is in both ecological and aesthetic harmony with the environment.