Barns and outbuildings are a visible part of our landscape. Durable, functional and beautiful these structures serve a variety of purposes from storing vehicles, to housing animals to serving as get-away spaces. Please feel free to call us with your outbuilding needs. We have expertise on hand to help you design and build barns for horses, vehicles, people and anything else you may need. As well we are happy to design and build individual sheds, cupolas, poolhouses and garden structures. Just send us your inspiration and we can guide you the rest of the way.

the-cornwall-poolhouse ×
the-cooley-carriage-barn ×
the-walker-barn ×
the-ketcham-hill-barn ×
the-tremont-carriage-house ×
the-kingsmill-horse-barn ×
the-woodstock-barn ×
the-snake-mountain-horse-barn ×
the-babb-creek-livestock-barn ×
the-loudoun-county-barn ×
the-west-addison-barn ×
the-hartford-barn ×
the-dog-team-barn ×
the-johns-river-barn ×
the-beebe-hill-barn ×
the-cedar-point-carriage-house ×
the-crane-lake-carriage-house ×
the-mendon-peak-poolhouse ×
the-brookfield-guest-barn ×
the-borden-pond-carriage-house ×
the-green-mountain-barn ×
the-gloucester-barn ×
the-mcneil-cove-boathouse ×
the-connecticut-river-barn ×
the-sawyer-bay-barn ×
the-chimney-point-barn ×